Bisson, Paul: 1938 (England)

The Artist:

Paul Bisson was born in Gurnsey England in 1938. He studied from 1954-1958 at St. Martin's School of Art in London. From 1958-61 he studied in Royal Academy Schools. After completing his studies Bisson immersed himself in examination of the English countryside. He emerged as an artist acclaimed to be England's most prominent interpreters of landscape.

In his younger years Bisson worked mainly in water color and line drawing. By the early late 70's he was involved with perfecting an etching technique unique to his own style of drawing. By the 1980's Paul Bisson had been named the foremost landscape etcher in Europe and had established himself as a prominent artist in the United States. His works are coveted by galleries and private collectors throughout Europe and the United States.

The Art:

The exquisite landscape presented in this etching is typical of the art of Paul Bisson. Detail is fine, delicate, and handsome. In Bisson's images, such as the one below, the viewer can see the artist's love for the countryside and almost feel the crisp day presented. Individually rendered blades of grass, branches of trees, and other carefully rendered crisp detail require the viewer to examine the images up close. This intimate relationship between viewer and artwork is a valued relationship that artists of fine etchings strive to create. And, it is this very intimacy about graphic arts that is especially valued and loved by collectors.

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Paul Bisson. Pete Levels. 99/175. Etching. The paper size is 23" x 26". The etching was acquired in 1978. The etching is signed and numbered in pencil. The paper has deckled edges. The margins have a few faint surface handling impressions. The artwork, margins and art surface is in excellent condition. Close-Up | Closer

$ 650.

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