Brumbach, David: 1948-1992 (USA)

The Artist:

David Brumbach is an American artist. The work presented here was created in 1983. The Brumbach work presented here follows the style of the New Realism, which celebrates images which are handsome, crisp and clean. Brumbach's art renderings of historical buildings are accurate in detail and aesthetically compelling.

Brumbach studied art and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence Rhode Island. He was a life long Lancaster County Pennsylvania resident. His artistic style was both realistic and non-representational during his 30 year career. Although his realistic pieces are more widely known, his abstract work also recieves a great deal of attention. The recepient of assorted awards while in school, and afterwards in Allentown PA, Harrisburg PA, and Lancaster County PA., he was awwarded first place in the first juried exhibition of the Pennsylvania Society of Watercolor Painters. His work is held by the: Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art, Lancaster Museum of Arts, and many private collections throughout the United States. He died at the young age of 44, having suffered loss of a leg and failing eye sight due to diabeties complications.

The Art:

This lithograph was created for a portfolio of six lithographs. It was commissioned in the United States by the builders of the world renowned Four Seasons Hotel when in 1986 it opened its luxury hotel in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Six regional fine artists were asked to create paintings honoring Philadelphia architectural landmarks. The paintings were displayed at the hotel's 1986 opening and then sold into private collections. The images were printed in a limited edition of 250 offset lithographs which were presented as gifts to city dignitaries. Each image is signed and numbered in pencil, and is accompanied by a handsome illustrated legend sheet, also a lithograph and suitable for framing. The complete suite is available, packaged in its original fabric portfolio case.

The complete Philadelphia Landmarks suite of art and legends is made up of the following works: David Brumbach, The Franklin Institute. J.W. Bystrom, The Free Library of Philadelphia. Tom Jackson, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Edyth Minch, Cathedral Basilica SS. Peter and Paul. Edyth Neff, The Philadelphia Museum of Art. James Toogod, Logan Square and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

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David Brumbach. 246/250. The Franklin Institute. Offset Lithograph. The paper size is 18" x 16". This piece with the complete Philadelphia Landmarks suite was acquired in 1986. The image is signed in the plate and is also signed and numbered in pencil on the sheet. This piece was created to honor the architectural landmark depicted in it. The legend sheet discusses some of Benjamin Franklin's achievements and traces the history of the building created in 1823. The artwork, margins and art surface, is in pristine condition. Close-Up

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Legend: The Franklin Institute. Offset Lithograph. The paper size is 18" x 16". This handsome lithograph is a beautifully illustrated history of the structure conceived in 1823 and originally called the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts. Throughout the nineteenth century, the institute's pioneering effort in education had enormous influence. Today it has expanded to include some four hundred working exhibits which are as enlightening as they are entertaining, bringing together the principles of science and technology. The artwork, margins and art surface, is in pristine condition. Close-Up

The two lithographs: $500.

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