McCormick, Harry: 1942 (USA)

The Artist:

Harry McCormick was born in New Jersey in 1942. He studied etching at Pratt Institute in New York. McCormick is a skilled painter and printmaker. McCormick's printmaking skills and techniques, in work with colored etchings and lithographs, earned him the critic's description of a "Rembrandt of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century."

McCormick's art is owned in private and public collections, and are exhibited throughout the United States and Europe in venues including: Brooklyn Museum, New York; Syracuse University Collection; Newark Museum; University of Wyoming Art Museum; Charles Rand Penney Foundation Museum, the Birmingham [Alabama] Museum of Art; and the Vatican Collection.

The Art:

McCormick's art is best known for its dramatic portrayal of every day life moments. He works with intense lighting and vividly contrasting colors. The result is compositions and balance that are simultaneously simple and complex.

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Harry McCormick. Lamp. 121/250. Lithograph. The paper size is 30" x 30". The lithograph was acquired in 1979. This piece, created at the height of McCormick's career, is a classic example of the master printmaker's talent with interiors. For more about this work and the artist please see the paragraphs above. The artwork, margins and art surface, is in pristine condition. Close-Up


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