Pandora & Pendragon: 1972, Germany

The Artist:

Pandora Barthen was born in Frankfurt to American parents. A promising young artist, Pandora was influenced by many exotic cultures. She traveled throughout Europe and the Far East as a youngster and young woman. Pandora was invited to be a special apprentice to Sir Henry Moore and Anthony Ciro at St. Martins School for the Arts in London. Circumstances required that she pass up this opportunity and, instead, establish herself as a successful interior designer. In 1993, Pandora settled in Washington State. As an outlet for her love of creating sculptural objects, she began creating jewelry. Now a professional jewelry designer, Pandora Barthen has found mediums and styles which guided her to becoming a master artist and craftswoman, creating jewelry designs known throughtout the country.

The founder of Pandora & Pendragon™, Pandora Barthen with Lee Wooldridge, have been active on the Internet as a jewelry business since 1997. Pandora & Pendragon™ is a member in good standing of several professional organizations including: Gemological Institute of America; The Jewelers Vigilance Committee; and The Accredited Gemologists Association. She has won prestigious awards and been published in national professional literature and books including the Lark Book, GemStone Jewlels. Ms. Barthen has studied with some of the finest American jewelry artists. The jewelry collection described here and represented below represents years of experience, experimentation, and training.

The Art:

Pandora & Pendragon™ designs are the foundation of collectible handmade jewelry. Ms. Barthen's work is inspired by designs from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, periods when jewelry made a major impact on the art world. Pandora Barthen, individually, is an award-winning jewelry designer producing many original jewelry designs. Her work has been displayed in professional publications including The 500 Series from Lark Books, an inspirational collection of books showcasing top artists and their collections of contemporary design. This year's 500 Gemstone Jewels features two of Pandora & Pendragon™ most fashion forward designs.

Each Pandora Barthen jewelry creation is an object d' art surrounded and encrusted with gold, precious gems, artifacts, and enamel. Natures exotic materials are transformed into one of a kind sensuous wearable works of art. Themes are exotic, romantic, elegant and lavish. Ms. Barthen's designs are executed with classic techniques, and each piece reflects the skill and craftsmanship of the master jeweler.

Every piece of jewelry is signed. Works are small limited editions or one-of-a-kind pieces. Pandora & Pendragon™ create for the discriminating connoisseur. All work is held to the highest of quality standards. Each work is unique, "because of the unique nature of the materials and craftsmanship employed in the making of Pandora & Pendragon™ jewelry, each piece is a work of art separate and individualized – unique unto itself."

One of a kind commissions and jewelry restoration are available and will be finished to specific order. Regarding custom work, Pandora frequently recommends the use of old and unused jewelry. She suggests that recycling jewelry is way to be ecologically responsible while still being able to enjoy the height of fashion. Many custom designs have been produced using reclaimed silver, gold, platinum and gems from jewelry that had been irreparably damaged, doesn't fit a lifestyle, or had become just too outdated to be enjoyable. Pandora & Pendragon™ will work closely with each client creating custom jewelry to specifications and measurements. Pandora can craft designs in precious metals, fossils, semiprecious stones, and gems (subject to availability). Contact us with specific requirements (size, construction and design) to receive an estimate. Gift certificates from Pandora & Pendragon™ are available. Please note that custom orders may only be returned due to defects in manufacture or materials.

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Pandora & Pendragon: Snow Leopard Pendant and Brooch.(MOPN0003) Description: Crouching Leopard about to Leap from Sparkling Snowy White Cliff. 44.7 DWT; 18K Gold Pendant with Transparent Sheen of Guilloch Enamel set with a Rose Cut Diamond (0.57 CT) and Ruby (0.06 CW TW) Eyes on Sparkling Snowy White Druzy Quartz. The Pendant can be removed from the HandMade Chain to be worn as a Brooch. The Pendant is approximately 1.78" H x 1.95" W. The 18 K Hand Made Chain is 15" Long. The Pendant is delivered in a beautiful Presentation Box. Close-Up.


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Pandora & Pendragon: Mountain Sheep Pendant. (MPON0002)Description: 18K gold and Enamel on White Druzy Quartz with Diamonds and Cultured Pearl. The Pendant is delivered in a beautiful Presentation Box. Close-Up

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Pandora & Pendragon: Ring of the Titans.(PAR002) A Churning Kylix of Lighting Ridge Black Opal, supported on the Powerful Shoulders of Pandora's Titan Brothers. 21.3 DWT Yellow Gold and the Opal is 32.5 CT. The Ring is Delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Black Maba Necklace.(PAPNK0001) Description: A Truly Commanding and Utterly Sensual Opal Necklace. Black Mabas of 18K Yellow Gold Luxuriate among the Leaves and Vines of 18K White Gold, Surrounding Wondrous Pools of Scintillating Lightning Ridge Black Opal. 95.3 DWT of 18K Yellow and White Gold. The Center Opal is 40.25MM x 30.31MM (53CT). One Side Stone is 19.60MM x 15.20MM (8.64 CT) and the Other is 19.88MM by 15.30MM (10.35CT). Necklace and pieces described below are delivered in a Deluxe Presentation Box. Close-Up

Contact us to See Earrings (PAER0007).

See Below: for Bracelet (PABR0003), and Ring (PAR0001).


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Pandora & Pendragon: Sea Spirit Nedklace and Brooch. (M0PN0009A) Description: A Whimsical Mermaid in 18K Yellow Gold Presenting Her Pink Sappnire in a Swirl of Plique-A-Jour Enamel Waves Cresting with Rose Cut Diamond Sea Foam. 47.05 DWT of 18K Yellow Gold, Pink Sapphire (0.10 CT), and Rose Cut Diamonds (1,75 CT TW). A Large Cultured Pearl Dangles Under a Rose CutDiamond. The Handmade 19K Chain is Removable so that this Piece can be worn as a Necklace or a Brooch. Necklace and chain are delivered in a Deluxe Presentation Box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Sea Spirit Earings. (MOER0006) Description: Spectular Sea Wave Errings to Wear with your Mermaid Pendant or Just Fabulous on Their Own. 18K Gold with Plique-A-Jour Enamel. 0.98 CT TW of Rose Cut Diamonds, and Two (Approximately 11MM x 12MM) Freshwater Cultured Pearls. Each Earring is approximately 1.73" Long x 0.57" Wide. The earings are delivered in a beautiful presentation Box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Baby Snake Necklace.(MONK0003) Description: Elegant and Old World Entwined SerPents Inspired by the Acient Celts. 18K Gold (48.3 DWT) Necklace with a Satin Textured Enamel Set with Rose Cut Diamonds (1.41 CW TW) and a Dangling 10.8MM South Sea Cultured Pearl. The Centerpiece is 2" H x 3" W. The set is delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Baby Snake Earings. See Description, above. . Close-Up
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Pandora & Pendragon: Serpent Necklace.(MONK0001) Description: A Truly Sensuous Necklace that is the Embodiment of Sophistacation and Elegance so Reminiscent of the 1920's. 18K Gold (78.DWT) with a Transparent Sheen of Guilloche Enamel Set with Marrquis Rose Cut Diamond Eyes (.34 CW TW) The Serpents protect their treasure of Translucent Oyster Opals (9.78 CW TW). The Pendant Area is 1.8" H x 1.6" W. Necklace is delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box.Close-Up

Contact us for details about Earnings (MOER0001) (Not Shown): 18K Gold Tromp L'Oeil Earrings with a Transparant sheen of Guilloche Enemal set with Marquis 'rose Cut Diamond Eyes. 1.65" H x 0.54" W.


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Pandora & Pendragon: Octopus Rex Pendant (MOPN0013) The Magnificent King of the Sea in Textured Enamel. Clutching his Treasure of Black Opal Set with Diamonds and a Fresh WAter Oeark, 18K gold (67.33 DWT), Lightening Ridge Black Opan (72.8 CT), Diamonds (0.44 CT TW), and FreshWater Cultured Pearl (13.76MM W x 24 MM Tall). With Ruby Eyes (0.49 CT TW), this Pendantis Approximately 4.18" H x 1.94" W. Handmade 18K Gold Chain included (16"). Delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box. . Close-Up

Contact us for details about Earrings (MOER007) (Not Shown: Precious Little 18K Gold Enamel Octopus EArrings, Diamonds (0.03 CT TW) and Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drops (Approx. 12.55MM x 5MM). Each earring is approximately 1.3" H x 0.84" W. These earrings perfectly complement the Octopus Rex Pendant, or are just wonderful by themselves. Delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box.


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Pandora & Pendragon: Starafish Pendant. (MOPN0018) Elegant Starfish Playfully Waves as he Clutches his Spectacular Black Opal Perch (55.66 Carats). This 18K Gold (30.78) and Diamond (0.87 CT TW) Pendant is approximately 2.40" H. x 1.62" W. The 18K Gold Chain (16") included. The Chain is Removable so that this piece can be worn as a Necklace or a Brooch. Each is delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Black Panther Moonstone Ring. Close-Up
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Pandora & Pendragon: Heart of Africa.(MOPN0007) Description: The Embodiment of the African Velt at its Most Tranquil. 18 K Gold (80.35 DWT) Pendant withOpaque and Pliqu-A-Jour Enamel. Set with Rose Cut Diamonds (1.99 CT TW), Ruby Eyes, and a Breathtaking Lightening Ridge Black Opal (210 CT). The Pendant can be Removed from the Chain to be work as a Brooch. -- A Fabulous Display Piece for your Curio Cabenet as Well. EAch Pendant will include its Own Distinctive Opal and is delivered in a Beautiful Presentation Box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Cape Buffalo Pendant. (MOPN001) The Pendant which can also be worn as a Pin is 18K Gold with Enamel, Rose Cut Diamonds,and Natural Horn. Close-Up
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Pandora & Pendragon: Black Maba Ring (PAR0001) See Necklace, above for description. Close-Up
See: Necklace Above and Bracelet just below.


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Pandora & Pendragon: Black Maba Bracelet. (PABR0003).See Necklace, above for description.Close-Up
See: Necklace Above and Ring Directly above.


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Pandora & Pendragon: Leopard Necklace. (MONK0002) Description: 209 DWT;18K Gold with a Transparent Sheen of Guilloche Enamel; Set with2.69CT TW of Rose Cut Diamonds. The Ambet Leopart Pendant can be removed and worn as a Brooch and other Pendants can be hung from the necklace in its Place. The Pendant is 2.58" H x 1.15" W. Each necklace is delivered in a beautiful presentation box. Close-Up


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Pandora & Pendragon: Snake Pendant... Close-Up
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