Pond, Clayton: 1942 (USA)

The Artist:

Clayton Pond was born in the USA in 1942. Pond studied at Pratt Institute in New York where he earned an MFA. He taught art at C.W. Post College of Long Island University, the School of Visual Art, New York, and the University of Wisconsin.

The USA State Department awarded Pond a grant to conduct silkscreening workshops in five African countries. Other awards and purchase prizes include: SAGA, Bradley National Print Show, National Print Exhibition, Kalamazoo, Michigan; Boston Printmakers Exhibition; National Print and Drawing Exhibition, Albion College; National Print & Drawing Exhibition Knoxville, Tennessee; and Colorprint USA West Texas Museum. Pond's work is collected and exhibited by museums including: Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Pasadena Art Museum; Indianapolis Museum of Art; Chicago Art Institute; Madison Art Center, Wisconsin; Columbia Museum of Art, Georgia; Bank of New York; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Kalamazoo Institute of Art, Michigan; Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania; and National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, DC. Clayton Pond's works are in US Embassies in Cotonou, Canberra, Bamako, Dakar Ismir, Saigon, Tehran, Beirut, Ankara, Tunis, Amman, Baghdad, New Delhi, Katmandu, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and Athens.

The Art:

Pond an accomplished painter, is best known for his graphic arts. Colors are bright and statements are strong and bold. Images sometimes make cultural statements, celebrate, and are charming - as the piece displayed below. The silk screen poster displayed here is a classic example of Clayton Pond's best known work.

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Clayton Pond. Bicentennial 1776-1976. Serigraph. Limited Edition Poster. The paper size is 40" x 28". This commemorative work was acquired in 1976. The artwork, art surface and texture, is in excellent condition. Close-Up


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