Urruty, Joel: 1968 (USA)

The Artist:

Joel Urruty was born in San Francisco, CA in 1968, the son of Franch Basque immigrants. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree, in 1992, in Industrial Technology at San Francisco State University. In 1992-1993 he apprenticed as a furniture maker under David J. Marks, Master Craftsman. He earned a Masters of Fine Arts in 1996, in Furniture Design and Woodworking from the School of American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Urruty Carves unique one of a kind sculptures in wood and bronze. His work has been shown in Japan and throughout the United States. His work is widely published in professional magazines and books.

Exhibitions and Honors

Exhibitions:2010. American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL.; Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show Philadelphia, PA; Washington Craft Show Washington DC. 2008 Philadelphia Museum Craft Show 2007 Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA: Shy Boy, She devil and Isis; The Art of Conceptual Craft Selections from the Wornick Collection; 2006 Smithsonian Craft Show; 2004 Fuller Craft Museum, Brockville, MA: Cut it Out; WDO gallery, Charlotte, NC: The Language of Wood. 2002 WDO Gallery, Charlotte, NC: Two Man Show: Jol Urruty & John Goodheart. 2001 The World Competition of Arts and Crafts, Kanazawa, JAPAN; The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA: Two Man Show: Jol Urruty & Rolf Hoeg; SOFA Chicago: represented by Andora gallery, Chicago, IL. 2007 represented by del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.2005- 2006 Represented by Finer Things Gallery, Nashville, TN. 1998- 2004 SOFA NY: represented by del Mano gallery, Los Angeles, CA. 2005- 2007 represented by Finer things gallery, Nashville, TN. Honors: 2004 Residency Fellowship, International turning Exchange, Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, PA; 2000 Merit Award, Images 200, Robeson Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 1999 Richard Guggenheim Award, Best in 3D, Abington Art Center, Abington, PA; Honorable Mention, The Muse Gallery: National Juried Show, Philadelphia, PA. 1996 Art and Design American Craft Scholarship, Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate Department Scholarship, Rochester Institute of technology; Grovewood Scholarship, Asheville, NC.

Publications and Collections:

Publications: Shy boy, She Devil, and Isis: the art of conceptual craft, by MFA publication, Julie Muniz; Connections: International Turning Exchange 1995-2005, Wood Turning Center; Wood Art Today, Dona Z Meilach Scratching the Surface, Art and Content in Contemporary Wood Art; Michael Hosaluk Tradition in Contemporary Furniture. Collections: Museum of Fine Art, Boston MA; Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia PA; Horn Collection; Wornick Collection; Waterbury Collection; Bressler Collection; Kochman Collection; Wolin Collection.

The Art:

Artist's Statement: As an artist I strive to create elegant sculpture that capture the true essence of the subject matter. Form, line and surface are used as the visual language. The figure is abstracted to a minimalist form, void of any superfluous information. The primary material, wood is often masked by paint to allow the form to take precedence over the material. Monochromatic colors, such as, black or white are often used on the sculptures allowing light and shadow to off the subtle shifting facets of the sculptures. This is what I do. Why: I do it, I don't really know. I do know that there is something deep inside that drives me to make these things. Things I don't completely understand myself. But when a piece is finished and it feels right, I know I have done what it was I was supposed to do and I then move on to the next.

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Urruty2 Lady Series

Joel Urruty, 'Swan Lady' in Bronze, Wood, and Granite. Edition of 8. Size: 69" x 10" x 10". View One.Close-Up | Closer


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Urruty4 Lady Series

Joel Urruty, 'Lady of the Woods' in Mahogany, Maple and Concrete. 85" x 12" x 12". Close-Up | Closer


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Urruty5 Lady Series

Joel Urruty, 'Sorrow' in Ash and Concrete. Size: 68" x 24" x 14".Close-Up | Closer


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Urruty7 Chair Series

Joel Urruty, 'Comfort' in Mahagany, Ash and Concrete. Size: 65" x 10" x 10".Close-Up | Closer


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Urruty8 Chair Series

Joel Urruty, 'Seated Figures' in Mahagany, Ash and Concrete. Size: 64" x 36" x 10".Close-Up


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Urruty9 Chair Series

Joel Urruty, 'Red Chair/ White Birds' in Maple and Concrete. Size: 65" x 10" x 10".Close-Up


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Urruty10 Chair Series

Joel Urruty, 'Fish on Chair' in Mahogany, Ash and Concrete. Size: 64" x 14" x 10". Close-Up


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Urruty11 Chair Series

Joel Urruty, 'White Chair/ Red Birds' Fish on Chair' in Maple and Concrete. Size: 65" x 10" x 10" Close-Up


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Urruty20 Miscellaneous

Joel Urruty, 'School of Fish #1' in Mahogany. Size 14"x 32" x 14". Close-Up | Closer


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Urruty19 Miscellaneous

Joel Urruty, 'Guardian (Black)' in Mahogany and Concrete. Size 72"x 16" x 11". Close-Up


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