Wine Art: 1983 (USA)

The Artists and the Art:

Historically some of the finest artists in the world have created art, posters, and labels to advertise commercial products. Classic Poster Art from the 19th Century is valued art in its own right, and collectors pay many thousands of dollars for images they love, and work by artist's they prize. See: Rare Posters Collection.

Today some manufactures of wine and liquor invite fine artists to make art they will use to launch their advertising campaigns. Absolut Vodka, a Stockholm based commercial enterprise, committed to the arts, has showcased more than 400 artists since Andy Warhol first illustrated the famous Absolut Vodka bottle in the 1985. Artists commissioned to create art for Absolut advertising campaign's include Keith Haring, Ed Ruscha, Armand Arman, LeRoy Neiman, Robert Indiana, Ceesar, Julia Wachtel, Pierre & Gilles and other leading artists. Regardless of the artist, his country, or the style of his work, every art piece reflects both the vision of the artist and the spirit of Absolut Vodka.

The company has established an Absolut Art Collection which not only showcases the advertising but travels to museums around the world. Last year three major art museum exhibits were arranged. Companies using fine artists to create advertising billboards and labels for them, display their prized product in art exhibition venues and commercial international magazines. Art historians and art critics critique the art, and their commentary becomes art history. The fact is, these labels are good business, excellent advertising tools and excellent fine art.

The collection of posters featuring wine labels, displayed below, are from USA California wines. The designs are colorful depictions and they are visually good art. These posters exactly replicate the labels on the wine represented. Each posters is an original lithograph. Some combine more than one printmaking technique, and some have embossed areas. The Panache label, for example, has an embossed seal. Pairs of these posters, displayed together, make handsome art presentations.

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WineArt: 1978-81

The posters illustrated in this composite and displayed below are replicas of the labels used on the wines they advertise. The posters were created as art posters in 1983. The works are original lithographs and their quality is excellent. The wine labels in our collection include: Chateau Montela, Frog's Leap, Jordan, Mt. Veeder, Panache, Pecota, Scramsberg, St. Clement, and Stag's Leap. Close-Up

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WineArt. Frog's Leap. Poster. Lithograph. The paper size is 30" x 22". Frog's Leap is a wonderful poster with rich color and gold raised margins around the image. This charming illustration advertises Sauvignon Blanc from the Napa Valley in California. The art poster is in pristine condition. Close-up


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WineArt. Mount Veeder. Poster. Lithograph. The paper size is 30" x 22". This Mount Veeder Winery poster is handsome art. The decorative V is reminiscent of ornate complex interlace patterns used in 6th century biblical illustrations and illustrations of the Byzantine period, when some of the most beautiful books ever were made. In the 1500's early printed manuscripts were adorned with illustrative drawing such as on this poster. This poster art has gold ink around boarders and fine quality inked lithograph surface. The art poster is in pristine condition. Close-up


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WineArt. Panache. Poster. Lithograph. The paper size is 22" x 22". This beautiful Panache wine label takes its design from the French Bell Epoque art period and the art of world renown Austrian artist Alphonse Mucha's Reverie, which was used in calendar and poster designs in 1896. The woman in Mucha's Reverie has, over the years, been called "the girl with bedroom eyes." This handsome wine art poster has a gold embossed seal. Gold ink is used in the boarders around the image and it has fine quality inked lithograph surface. This art poster is in pristine condition. Close-up

Note: The seal in this original poster is embossed with design and printing. Photographic process for website display may have compromised the look of the image and the fine graphic quality presented in this original poster.


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