The PSfineart Collections:
Works on Paper and some Mixed Media

The PSfineart collections are American and International. The artwork collections focus is original limited edition works on paper, with selections of mixed media, paintings and drawings. Developing collections include sculpture, fine craft art and hand crafted jewelry. All art is of the highest quality. Styles represented bridge interests from abstract to realism. And, themes vary from whimsy to serious. A broad range of purchase prices and varied aesthetic interests are considered in selecting artwork for the collections. Seasoned collectors and first time buyers will find a variety of pleasing artworks, for enjoyment and/or for purchase.

Below see sample images from the eleven collections: Contemporary Expo, Ethnic Origins, Featured Suites, First Collections, Illustrated Disciplines, Mixed Two Dimensions, Mixed Three Dimensions, Naive and Outside, Rare Posters, Retro and Sixties, Selected Abstractions, and Selected Representations.

Sample Images

1. Contemporary Expo:
Artworks exhibited at USA ArtExpo.

Alvar Sunol, Spain
Personages Il Fenestra,
Lithograph, 29 1/2" x 21 1/2".

Mark King, USA
Fox Hunt,
Serigraph, 30" x 40".

2. Ethnic Origins:
Art originating in assorted European countries and regions.

Le Ba Dang, Vietnam
Green Still Life,
Lithograph, 22" x 30".

Amram Ebgi, Israel
Two Musicians,
Etching, 15" x 10".

3. Featured Suites:
Art selected from assorted categories, created as sets called portfolio's or suites.

John L. Doyle, USA
Physician, from The Medicine Men Suite,
Color Lithograph, 22" x 30".

John L. Doyle, USA
Physician, from The Medicine Men Suite,
Monochrome Lithograph, 22" x 30".

John L. Doyle, USA
Physician-Legend, from The Medicine Men,
Lithograph, 22"x 30".


The Medicine Men-Suite Justification, from the Suite
Discussion of the art, and its visual interpretation of civilization through examination of the history of medicine.
Lithograph, 30" x 22".


4. First Collection:
Artworks priced to respect conservative purchases.

Edith Minch, USA
Cathedral Basilica SS. Peter & Paul,
Offset, 16" x 18".

Edith Minch, USA
Cathedral Basillica SS. Peter & Paul-Legend,
An illustrated description about this Philadelphia structure, and the tradition of religious freedom that inspired it.
Offset, 16" x 18".

5. Illustrated Disciplines:
Contemporary illustration, advancing matters including: fashion, theater, medicine, law, architecture, religion, and family.

John L. Doyle, USA
Aztec Echo, from The Builders Suite,
Lithograph, 30" x 22".


John L. Doyle, USA
Aztec Echo-Legend, from The Builders Suite,
Discussion of the symbolism in the Aztec Echo image, and its visual interpretation of architecture.
Lithograph, 30" x 22".

6. Mixed Two Dimensions:
Art selected from assorted themes, created in media other than printmaking. Artworks are one of a kind and unique unto themselves, paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, and fine craft art.

Joanna Frazier Hudson, USA
Trumpet Flower,
Photograph, 5" x 5", x 12" x16"


Shirley Tattersfield, USA
Ocean Pier,
Goauche, 16" x 20".


7. Mixed Three Dimensions:
Sculpture with Fine Art Craft and unique Crafted Jewelry.

Libby Ware, USA
Ceramic Wall Sculpture, 42" x 48" x 6"

Steve Sizelove, USA
Figure Study Goblets,
Blown Glass, 15.75"H x 5.75" W x 5.00" D
Blown Glass, 21.00"H x 5.05" W x 4.75" D

Pandora & Pendragon, Germany
Snow Leopard Pendant and Brooch
Gold, Guilloche Enamel, Diamond, Ruby, Druzy Quartz,
1.78" H x 1.95" W

8. Naive and Outside:
Artworks by artists who are self taught and/or work in styles traditionally referred to as naive, primitive, and outsider art. The collection includes artworks and illustrations, for children.

Christine Armarger, Japan
Yomiuri Shimbun, from the Newspapers Suite,
Etching, 22" x 30".

Quentin King, England
Changing Room,
Serigraph, 22" x 30".

9. Rare Posters:
Original 19th and 20th century vintage and classic poster art, in assorted themes and styles.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, France
Le Divan Japonis, Poster From Lautrec Musee d'Albi,
Lithograph, 32" x 34".

Josef Albers, Germany
Homage to the Green Square,
Serigraph, 36" x 26".


10. Retro and Sixties:
Art by established 1960's artist pioneers, and contemporary retro sixties style artists.

Brian Halsey, USA
Mandalas, and Microcosoms Suites,
Serigraphs, 12" x 12".


Charles Wolters, USA
"T-186A" Composition in Blue and Red-Light,
Serigraph, 40" x 30".

11. Selected Abstractions:
A finite collection classic art by masters of non objective and objective abstract art.

Robert Indiana, USA
Triangle, from Polygons Suite,
Serigraph, 31" x 28."

Corneille, Belgium
Figure from Italian Suite,
Lithograph, 20" x 28".

Salvadore Dali, Spain
Helen of Troy, from Return of Ulysses Suite,
Lithograph, 30" x 22.


12. Selected Representations:
A finite collection of classic art by masters of contemporary realism and representational art.

Tomoe Yokoi, Japan
Still Life with Bugle,
Aquatint, 19" x 26".


Skinner, England
Etching, 21" x 24".

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