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Art in inventory is art is representative of our Collections: Contemporary Expo, Ethnic Origins, Featured Suits, First Collection, Illustrated Disciplines, Mixed Two Dimensional , Mixed Three Dimensional , Naive and Outside, Rare Posters, Retro and Sixties, Selected Abstractions and, Selected Representations. To give you an opportunity to better understand the art listed, we have listed artists' styles and theme descriptions. Photographs of all art images are available.

To see art representative of a specific artist or category, not currently in this Index or our Virtual Art Gallery, contact us.

Agam: Non Objective Abstraction. (Regional/ Israel)
Albers: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Alechinsky: Non Objective Abstraction. (Regional/Belgium)
Alechinsky: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction. (Regional/Belgium)
Alghren: Non Objective Abstraction. (Op Art)
Alhilai: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction. (Miscellaneous Fashion)
Artman: Sculpture - Non Objective Abstraction. Ceramic. (Design, Emotive, Interpretive, Symbolic, Spiritual, Vessels)
Alvar: Objective Abstraction. (Figurative, Regional/Spain)
Amarger: Objective Abstraction and Realism. (Figurative, Regional/World Cities)
Anuskiewsicz: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction. (Op Art)
Anon: Realism. (Figurative, Regional/American Homestead)
Appel: Objective Abstraction. (Figurative, Regional Amsterdam)
Art Expo - Thirty Seven Artists: Non Objective Abstraction.
Bergerhol: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Bisson: Realism/Representational. (Landscape, Regional/Britain)
Bolotowsky: Non Objective Abstraction.
Book of Kells: Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Bose: Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. (Naive: Animals, Floral)
Boulanger: Poster Art - Realism/Representational and Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Boutwell: Non Objective Abstraction.
Broadway Theater: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Brumbach: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Bueno: Realism/Representational. ( Nautical)
Bufanno: Realism/Representational. (Floral)
Burchard: Fine Art Craft Sculpture- Objective and Non Objective Abstraction. Wood. (Baskets, Books, Design, Landscape-Suggestive Series, Vessels, Wall Constructions.
Bystrom: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Calder: Non Objective Abstraction. (Banif Advertising Banners)
Calder: Non Objective Abstraction. (Poster Art)
Capa: Non Objective Abstraction.(Amorphous)
Cass: Non Objective Abstraction.(Amorphous and Free Form)
Cappiello: Poster Art - Representational. (Figurative)
Cardillio: Representational. (Floral)
Cecy: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Chabrier: Realism/Representational. (Naive: Landscape)
Chemiakin: Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. (Figurative, Regional/Russian)
Cheret: Poster Art - Representational. (Figurative)
Chinese: Representational. (Figurative, Regional/Asian)
Chinese: Representational. (Landscape, Floral, Regional/Asia)
Christian: Representational. (Interior, Figurative)
Chryssa: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Classe: Non Objective Abstraction.
Cohen: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Coignard: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Cooper: Realistic/Representational. (Naive: Animals)
Corneille: Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Crane: Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Crane: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Currier and Ives: Realism/Representational (Figurative, Landscape)
Dali: Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Danze: Non Objective Abstraction.
Davila: Representational, Objective Abstraction .(Landscape)
Davila: Non Objective Abstraction.
DeJuan: Non Objective Abstraction.
Denninson: Representational, Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Desopo: Realism/Representational. (Naive: Landscape)
Doyle: Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Doyle: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Dus: Non Objective Abstraction.
Ebgi: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Architecture, Regional/Israel)
Elmyr: Realism/Representational. (City Scape, Figurative, Landscape)
Erlich and Sacco: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, City Scape)
Erlich and Sacco: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Regional/Egypt)
Erlich and Sacco: Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Erlich and Sacco: Realism/Representational. ( Nautical)
Farrah: Realism/Representational. (Automobiles)
Fasanella: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
French Masters: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Regional/France)
Frey: Reaalism/Representational. (Naive: Landscape)
Fryda: Realistic/Representational. (Floral)
Gerstner: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Goldberg: Poster Art - Realism/Representational and Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Goodnough: Non Objective Abstraction.

Gross: Realism/Representational and Objective Abstraction.

Graham: Realism/Representational. (Naive: Architecture)
Granizo: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Mixed Media/Ceramic Tile)
Granizo: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Gudeon: Objective Abstraction and Representational. (Figurative, Judica, Symbolic, Spiritual, Whimsy)
Halsey: Non Objective Abstraction.
Hemus Gallery: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction. (Figurative, Regional/Bulgaria)
Herrera: Realism/Representational. (Still Life)
Herrera: Realism/Representational. ( Floral)
Heyman: Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. ( Landscape)
Hudson: Photography and Lithography - Realism/Representational. (City Scape, Figurative, Floral/Fauna Landscape, Still Life)
Hungarian (Name n/a): Realism/Representational. (Landscape, Regional/Asian Traditional Style)
Hungarian (Name n/a): Realism/Representational. (Landscape, Regional/Asian Traditional Style)
Hunter: Realism/Representational. (Animals-Equestrian)
Hunter: Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Iger: Realism/Representational. (Floral)
Indania: Non Objective Abstraction.
Indiana: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Jackson: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Karvel: Realism/Representational. (Floral)
Keefer: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Kennedy: Realism/Representational. (Landscape, Regional/Britain)
Kido: Representational. (Naive: Animals)
King, Mark: Realism/Representational. (Animals-Equestrian)
King, Mark: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
King, Mark: Realism/Representational. (City Scape)
King, Quentin: Realism/Representational. (Naive: Interior)
Klee: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Kimura: Objective Abstraction. (City Scape, Regional/World Cities)
Klinger: Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Klinger: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Kohl: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction. (Hearts-Valentine)
Kohl: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction. (Fan)
Kohl: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction (Star of Love-Mogen David)
Kohl: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction (Quilt)
Kouba: Realistic/Representational. (Animals-Wildlife)
Langlois: Realistic/Representational. (Nautical)
Lautrec: Poster Art - Representative. (Figurative)
Le Ba Dang: Objective Abstraction. (Floral, Regional/Asian)
Le Foll: Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Lindner: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Lubeck: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Lynn: Realism/Representational. (Nautical, Naive, Regional/Africa)
Lynn: Realism/Representational.(City Scape, Figurative, Regional/Africa)
Marceone: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Massey: Representational. (Naive: Landscape)
Max: Abstraction - Objective Abstraction, and Realistic/Representational. (Figurative)
Maxwell: Non Objective Abstraction.
McCormick: Realistic/Representational. (Figurative, and Interiors)
McMillan: Realistic/Representational. (Landscape)
Meyers Collection: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Meyers, Mickey: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Naive: Juvenile/Crayons)
Minch: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Missinger Kalendar: Realism/Representational. (Regional/Europe)
Morgan: Realism/Representational. (Animals-Wildlife)
Mucha: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Neizvestny: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Neff: Realism/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Olsen: Realism/Representational. (Animals)
Packman: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Pandora & Pendragon: Fine Art Craft Jewelry - Objective Abstraction & Representational. (Diamond, Ruby Black Opal, Sapphire, Pearl, Guilloche Enamel, Gold. (Animals. Flora/Fauna, Landscape)
Peters: Non Objective Abstraction. (Op Art)
Peters: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction. (Op Art)
Peterson: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Philadelphia Is: Poster Art - Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. (Regional/America Philadelphia)
Polk Smith: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Pond: Poster Art - Objective Abstraction. (Interior)
Powell: Realism/Representational and Objective Abstraction. (Amorphous, Spiritually Inspired Woodwork)
Poska: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Prague: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Landscape, Animals-Birds)
Rathbone: Realism/Representational. (Naive: City Scape)
Rauch: Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Rauschenberg: Poster Art - Realism/Representational and Objective Abstraction. (Figurative)
Reed: Fine Art Craft Jewelry - Non Objective Abstraction. (Raw Diamonds and Gold)
Richter: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Riddich: Objective Abstraction. (Floral)
Romania Museum: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative-Portrait)
Romania Museum: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative-Woman with Dove)
Romania: Poster Art - Realism/Representative. (Floral)
Romania: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Landscape)
Rosenau: Non Objective Abstraction.
Rosenau: Objective Abstraction. (Architecture-Door Knocker)
Rosenau: Objective Abstraction. (Time)
Rosenau: Objective Abstraction. (Movement: Water-Dance)
Rosenau: Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Rosenau: Realism/Representational. (Still Life)
Rosenau: Representational. (Architecture, Regional/France)
Rosenau: Realism/Representational. (First Collection: Landscape-Rubbing Moorish) Rosenau:
Realism/Representational. (First Collection: Birds, Dinosaur)
Rosenau: Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. (Landscape, Flowers, Animals)
Running: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Mixed Media- Photograph)
Salenas: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Sandler: Realism/Representational. (City Scape, Regional/America Atlantic City)
Sandler: Realism/Representational. (City Scape. Regional/America Philadelphia)
Sandler: Realism/Representational. (Miscellaneous i.e., Trains, Piano)
Santingo: Poster Art - Realism/Representative. (Figurative)
Scallito: Non Objective Abstraction.
Schoffer: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Schmitt: Fine Art Craft Ceramic - Realism/Representational.(African American Ethnic, Figurative, Regional, and Utilitarian)
Secunda: Non Objective Abstraction.
Secunda: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Shillea: Poster Art - Representational. (Figurative)
Sievers: Realism/Representational. (Animals, Landscape)
Sizelove: Fine Art Craft and Sculpture Glass - Objective and Non Objective Abstraction. (Sculpture Design - Contemporary and Neo Classic Style, Figurative, Goblets and Vessels which are both Sculpture and Utilitarian)
Skinner: Realism/Representational, and Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Slaughter: Realism/Representational. (City Scape, Regional-America Philadelphia)
Slaymaker: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape, Architecture, Regional/American West)
Smith: Realism/Representational. (Landscape, Architecture)
Sobrino: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Solombre: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Solombre: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Landscape)
Tamerin: Realism/Representational. (Animals: Wildlife, Equestrian)
Tattersfield: Representational. (Landscape, Figurative, Regional/ America Atlantic City)
Tobias: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Tomchuk: Realism/Representational. (Architectural, Figurative, Regional/America- New Orleans and Western)
Toogood: Realislm/Representational. (Architecture, Regional/America-Philadelphia)
Toro: Poster Art - Realism/Representational. (Figurative)
Tueturro: Non Objective Abstraction.
Turnecki: Poster Art - Realism/Representative. (Landscape)
Urruty: Objective Abstraction. Exotic Wood, Concrete, Wax and Paint. (Design, Emotive, Figurative, Spiritual)
VanDecker: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Vasarely: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Vaux: Realism/Representational. (Animals-Wildlife)
Viardot: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, French Masters,Regional/France)
Vig: Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)
Vogue: Realism/Representational. (Figurative, Fashion )
Ware: Fine Art Craft and Sculpture Ceramic - Non Objective Abstraction. (Free Standing Sculpture and Wall Constructions)
Weinberg: Representative, and Objective Abstraction. (Mobius Strip: Landscape, Animals)
Wilkerson: Realism/Representational. (Nautical)
Williams: Realism/Representational. (Floral)
Wine: Poster Art - Representational. (Wine)
Wolters: Non Objective Abstraction.
Yokoi: Representational. (Still Life)
Youkeles: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Youngquist: Fine Art Craft: Beads - Objective Abstraction. Representational. (Figurative, Animals, Whimsy)
Yvaral: Poster Art - Non Objective Abstraction.
Zanoi: Representational- Naive, Objective Abstraction. (Landscape)

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