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General Guarantees and Escrow Option
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Escrow Service Defined
An escrow purchase is a purchase where the buyer places money in the custody of a trusted third party. The money is then paid to the seller, when a specified set of conditions, agreed to between the parties, are met. Royal Bank America, an FDIC federally insured bank, is the party that provides this service to PSfineart clients. Escrow purchase terms and conditions are explained below.

Sale: Terms and Conditions
Payment and Delivery
The transaction amount is sent by the buyer to the bank which distributes payment to PSfineart 14 days after the art is received by the buyer if, 1) the buyer is satisfied and 2) the art has not been returned.

Transaction Amount
The transaction amount is the cost of the art plus shipping expenses.
1) The transaction amount must be in American dollars, made payable to PSfineart.
2) The buyer has the option of choosing the form of payment from the list below:
(a) money order, (b) cashier's check, (c) wire transfer, or (d) personal or business checks.

At the time art is purchased a transaction amount, applicable to shipping and returns, is calculated. General shipping and escrow is explained below. Specific costs see purchase page.

Selling Price of Art = Cost of Art, less Shipping Expenses.

Shipping Expenses = Domestic and Canada
1) Escrow Fee= 1%-2% of the selling price.
2) Shipping/ Handling/ Insurance= $30.-$65. Customized Packaging - Prices Vary.
3) Insurance = $5.

Shipping Expenses= Non Domestic and Special Requests
1) To be calculated and agreed between the parties

Shipping Expenses= Returns
1) Same as with initial shipping, plus a small fee for restocking.

Date and Service
Packages are shipped by nationally recognized couriers including UPS, FedEx, Airborne, and the United States Postal Service, unless another shipper is required or preferred, within 7 business days, longer for personal or business checks (10 day delay).

Unpacking and Re-packaging
Buyer will receive written instructions as to how to open the packaging without damaging the art, and how to re-pack the art if it is being returned.

Damaged Packages
Damaged packages indicate a shipment was damaged in transit. Even though the art packaged inside may not be damaged, the buyer must refuse delivery and immediately contact PSfineart. The package will be inspected by the shipper and routed back to PSfineart. Refund of the entire transaction fee will be forwarded to the buyer if the art is damaged, otherwise PSfineart will repackage the art and re-ship it at PSfineart's expense.

Returns and Refunds
All returns are accepted, and the guaranteed refund is the full cost of the art, as long as returned art: 1) is delivered to PSfineart within 14 days from the date the buyer originally received the purchase, 2) is accompanied by a PSfineart return authorization number, 3) is packaged according to instructions, and with the same materials used for delivery, and 4) has not been mishandled and therefore damaged by the buyer.

Condition Report:
Buyer is provided with a condition report before art is shipped. The report identifies and confirms the item(s) to be purchased, and gives a description of the artwork's condition.

Satisfaction and the Transfer of Funds:
Acting as the escrow manager and in accordance with its Master Account Agreement, Royal Bank America will disburse funds to the appropriate party only after art is either: 1) returned in accordance with the return terms in the above return and refund paragraph, 2) returned by courier because of damages in shipping, or 3) received by the buyer and the buyer confirms satisfaction.

Buyer's Satisfaction Confirmed:
Buyer's satisfaction is deemed confirmed when 14 days following delivery has passed, and no art has been returned by the buyer during that period.

Sale and Accord
Title (ownership) is transferred when both the: 1) buyer accepts the art and is satisfied with its purchase, and 2) bank (escrow agent) releases the transaction fee paid by the buyer to PSfineart.

Your purchase deems acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement, and by transfer of title the parties have satisfied the sale and accord.

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